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Welcome to our range of carefully prepared herbal remedies.


Our products are prepared by the Nacare Laboratory and we contract with Herbs for Health (Karen se Kruie) via the Herbal Potion Lab, - both well established with more than 10 years of herbal and traditional folk medicine experience in and near Pretoria, South Africa.

The Nacare Range consists of specially prepared tinctures, ointments, gels and capsules to supplement or help remedy most of the conditions that ail us all, whether in pro-active healthy life style or chronic medical conditions such as gout, high blood sugar, digestive problems or imbalances in any of the body's systems such as the nervous system, respiratory system, digestion, immunity, cardio vascular, endocrine, urinary or reproductive system.

In the Nacare Herbals range there are herbs that cover the remedy or supplementation for all the body systems, as can be assessed in our local health care practice, as and when needed.


The Nacare Gels include remedies for such as Anti-Aging, After Shave, Arthiritis, Respiratory, Cellulite, Circulation, Eczema, Eye & Face, Skin, First Aid, Fresh Feet, Relaxing, Psoriasis, Shingles, Sinus, Muscle, Stretch Mark, Hair, Vericose and Acne gel.


In the singe herb tincture range the laboratory manufactures 40 products that serve as remedies amply supported by anaecdotal evidence over very many years, to highest standards. Nacare tinctures or our other herbal products are not diluted. Cleint responses are very positive.


A range of herbal capsules and vitamins are available upon your enquiry.


Please, do contact us for our product lists and prices. The Nacare Herbals range includes herbal tincture Combos for Brain-Tonic, ADD-Care, Stop Smoking, Blood Cleanser, Immune-Tonic, Infection-Care, Slimming-Care, Femme-Vitalia, Andreo-Vitale, Osteo-Care, Candida-Care and Wellness-Tonic, among others, are available. Please enquire via the contact form at Contact Us.

The signature product from the Herbal Potion Lab range is the specially and decoratively packagedLiquid Gold facial skin oil for the ladies,  in various customised quantities. 

This carefully designed Liquid Gold facial oil product is followed by the Mokele Mbembe external remedy oil for bruises, muscle injuries and assistance in healing of broken bones after the initial medical care. The Mokele Mbembe Oil, from Johnny Congo's Gallipot (traditionally an ancient clay pot for preserving herbal medicine), is also designed as an awareness product to promote the use and conservation of indigenous plants as food and medicine in Africa.

Important Notice to our valued JM Herbal clients: Kindly note that postage and packaging are calculated seperately, depending on the available shipping channels and geographical distance within South Africa. Postnet can do parcels for R99 depending on weight, and the SA Postal Service can send small parcels from about R55 per parcel, also counter to counter. Parcel prices as at August 2016.

Do make your enquries via the Contact Us form, or place your orders at the Shopping Basket, today!

There is so much that can be remedied or maintained in holistic health. Use herbs. Herbs have fewer side effects and greater sustainable easing of both symptoms and underlaying causes of illness.

Our methodology is in line with the Western Tradition of Herbal Medicine as is still practiced in Germany and in the UK



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