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Herb use

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 Herb Use


Now for those of us who hold to a world view that accomodates creation, it is know that creation entailed plants, or little green apples and not little green pills. Nature provides all we need, albeit abused and depleted by now. We are what we eat. Nutrition along with fresh air, clean water, shelter, freedom of religion, good relationships, basic means and stable environments provided by righteous governments allow us a balanced holistic life style and good general health.


Plants cannot run away from danger or from the elements, and contain natural chemicals (phyto or plant chemicals) that allows the plant to survive in most conditions where it grows.


Plants, also called herbs, are our food. They do not only provide nutrition, but also the chemicals and compounds that our bodies need to function optimally through our purposed life span.


More articles will follow in this section, that can soon help to educate you and your friends regarding the basic and healthy use of herbs as both optimal nutrition and medicine for humans and animals.


If, however you should be in a hurry to find out something about herbal medicine or holistic health now, please feel free to make contact via the contact us page!



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